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Our aim is to create new ways and conditions to make independent and vivid theatre.


Q-teatteri’s Main Stage:
200 seats (former cinema)

Small Stage (Puoli-Q):
40-65 seats (former small market hall)


Q-teatteri was founded in March 1990 by freelance actors. The aim of the group is to make independent and vivid theatre. Own texts are meeting new adaptations of classics. At the moment there are 50 members in the group/company, which could also be called a production unit. All the artistic decisions are made by the eight persons ensemble.

The members of Q-teatteri association are actors, directors, costume designers, set designers, lighting designers, sound designers, producers, playwrights, theatre technicians, production assistants, photographers and graphic designers. All artistic staff (except theatre director) is working on a freelance basis.

So far, Q-teatteri has produced more than 50 plays, one short movie, several radio plays, and been a co-producer in documentary theatre projects and in one feature film. Most of the plays have been first public performances in Finland. Once a year Q-teatteri’s Youth Theatre has a premiere based on the devising theatre methods. Q-teatteri’s smaller venue Puoli-Q is an open stage for performing arts.

Q-teatteri is also a main producer of the international theatre festival Baltic Circle.  Baltic Circle has been either a main or co-producer in several international productions. Baltic Circle functions in the context of European contemporary theatre and performance art, and is a ground for developing new trends and ideas.

The strenghts of Q-teatteri are visionary artists, group spirit and joint artistic values. Q-teatteri functions like a small cultural centre and has become one of the most significant theatre companies in Finland.


ADDRESS: Q-teatteri, Tunturikatu 16, FIN-00100 Helsinki
EMAIL: q-teatteri@q-teatteri.fi
PHONE: +358 9 4542 1333 (tue-fri 11-15)